Albany and Saratoga Springs Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation

Hot Water Heater Plumber Fixing Tank Water HeaterHot water can mean the difference between comfort and convenience or the discomfort of cold showers! If your home or business needs water heater repair or installation, Empire State Plumbing is only a call or email away.

Our team of Albany plumbers is ready to help you with either purchasing a new water heater or the service and maintenance of your existing hot water heater, to ensure you get the hot water you need for washing, bathing, and everyday life. No more putting up with cold showers or washing the dishes in icy cold water–our Capital Region professional plumbers are your answer for everything related to water heater installation and repair!


Experienced Installation & Repair for Standard and Tankless Water Heaters

At Empire State Plumbing, we have nearly 30 years of experience working with plumbing and water heater issues of all kinds. We work on both standard water heaters (with tank) and tankless water heaters for residence and businesses throughout the Capital Region including Albany, Colonie, LathamTroy, Schenectady, and Saratoga.

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Water heater front view

Water Heater Repair

Usually, it’s pretty obvious when you have a water heater repair issue:

  • Leaks around your water heater
  • Insufficient hot water
  • Water that simply isn’t heating up

If you have any of these problems, or additional signs that your water heater might be malfunctioning, Empire State Plumbing is available to come take a look. We’re experts at troubleshooting and diagnosing a huge range of water heater problems from degraded anode rods to damaged heating elements to inoperative thermostats, and we’ll help determine the precise source of your water heater problems.

Don’t try to service a water heater yourself, leave it to Albany’s hot water heater experts!

Water heater repair and installation can be potentially dangerous endeavors, creating the risk of electrocution, gas leaks and other hazards. We have the skills and expertise to not only diagnose and repair your water heater, but we also have what it takes to do both safely!

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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters

Energy-efficient and high-performance, tankless water heaters are an ideal solution for home or business owners looking for a new or replacement hot water heater. Increasing in popularity in the United States over the last decade or so, tankless water heaters provide you with endless hot water along with substantial energy savings up to 40%!

Looking to upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater? Our Albany & Saratoga Plumbers can help!

At Empire State Plumbing, our professionals are ready to help you determine if a tankless water heater is right for your home or commercial building. We’ll talk you through the product specifics as well as potential energy savings to make sure you get the best solution for your hot water needs. And, of course, we’ll follow up with precision installation workmanship to make certain your new hot water heater can perform its best for years to come.

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New Water Heater

Standard Tank Water Heaters

Most older homes will have a standard (with tank) hot water heaters. Traditional tank water heaters provide hot water by heating water and then keeping it hot, cycling on and off to keep the water stored in a large reservoir warm for hours at a time even when you’re not using it.

Install a new Standard Tank Water Heater or get yours repaired by Empire State Plumbing!

If you need to replace your existing standard hot water heater or simply need yours fixed, our hot water heater expert plumbers are only a call away to service residences and businesses from Albany to Saratoga Springs.

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