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Combi Boiler Installation in Albany, NY

Combi Boiler Installation in Albany, NY

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Combi Boiler Installation in Albany, NY Combi Boiler Installation in Albany, NY

Here is a combi boiler we installed in Albany. We had to remove the old system first. If your boiler is old and no longer efficient, contact us today!

Expert Water Heater Plumbers in Albany, NY

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Your local experts for both standard and tankless water heater repair & installation

Water heaters are an important part of every home or commercial property. Anyone who has tried to take a shower or wash dishes with cold water can attest to this fact. If your water heater is broken or on the verge of breaking then don’t wait to get it repaired or replaced.

Here at Empire State Plumbing we have 31 years of experience repairing and installing both standard and tankless water heaters. Our team has the expertise to help you choose the very best option for your home and make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t trust a Big Box store with the water heater installation or repair when experienced experts are available!

Contact us today and schedule your appointment in Albany, NY!

Hydro Jets By Mongoose

Empire State Plumbing works with Mongoose by sewer equipment to bring you top of the line services and products to knock out any plumbing issue, big or small. Mongoose Jetters is a good fit for maintenance departments, municipalities, and plumbing companies. Whether your customers are commercial or residential, a Mongoose Jetter can take care of your drain clearing or sewage back up projects.

A sewer Jetter is a machine that uses high-pressure water jets to clear drains. While not all jetters are built the same or operated the same way, you can rely on Mongoose Hydro Jets to be simple, reliable, efficient, and safe to use. Our Hydro Jets are safe to use on commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal pipes and systems.

Our trained technicians can use high-pressure water jets called Hydro Jets to fix a variety of issues, including sewage backups and clogged drains with our sink jetting procedures. Are you looking to get top of the line services and fast? With our Hydro Jets by Mongoose, You call us and we can come out on the same day to offer you wow service. Learn more today!

Residential & commercial plumbers in Albany, NY

We do more than just water heaters at Empire State Plumbing. We also have fully licensed plumbers that can take care of all kinds of commercial and residential plumbing needs you might have. Have a garbage disposal that constantly clogs? Sick and tired of your leaky faucet? Have a commercial restroom that needs to be looked at it? We can take care of all that and more.

Our plumbing services include:

  • Whole house plumbing inspections
  • Faucet repair & installation
  • Sump pump repair & installation
  • Gas pipe repair
  • Water pipe repair & installation
  • Frozen pipe thawing
  • Under-slab plumbing repair
  • Sewer pipe repair
  • Kitchen fixture installation
  • Roof draining
  • And more!

Whether you need water heater repair, installation, or any of the above plumbing services, our experts are here to help. Contact us today and schedule your appointment in Albany, NY!

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Five Key Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Water Heater
Water heaters, like most appliances, have a finite lifespan, especially considering how frequently this essential piece of equipment is used in most households. Other common factors, like the sediment that may be present in your water supply, will only speed your water heater along faster toward its inevitable demise.... [Read more]
Standard Water Heaters vs. Tankless Water Heaters - The Pros and Cons
When the time comes to replace your water heater, a common question that arises is whether or not to install a standard water heater with a tank, or to use the newer, energy-efficient tankless water heaters, which have been becoming increasingly common. There are pros and cons to both approaches.... [Read more]
What to Do When Pipes Freeze
When you are struck with a catastrophe such as pipes freezing and bursting, a trusted master plumber will be able to come to the rescue for your frozen pipe damage. This tragic event could cost thousands of dollars to repair, so it's important to trust an expert who knows exactly how to handle such a plumbing issue.... [Read more]
Work Requests From Albany, NY
Vicinity of Shaker Road in Albany
Clogged drain
Vicinity of Hollywood Avenue in Albany
A shower spiget coming out of wall with pipe
Vicinity of Laurendale St in Albany
We believe we have a blockage in our dishwasher. There is a bad smell when we use it. Also getting a new fridge without an ice maker so we need the water line capped before delivery.
Vicinity of Ver Planck Street in Albany
I need my fridge connected to the water line for ice/water. There is a line, but the guys who installed the fridge said that it's bent. In the basement, there is a tube connected to the water that goes up into the kitchen.
Vicinity of Clinton Avenue in Albany
Several small residential plumbing projects in my residence and rental above my unit. two bath faucets to install; 1 toilet; and shower unit replacement (already down to studs).
Vicinity of Bauer Dr in Albany
We would like to purchase a gas stove, but we currently do not have any hook ups for it. We would need a gas line hooked up in the kitchen. We are also going to purchase a new dishwasher and would need it installed as well.
Vicinity of Manning Blvd in Albany
Preexisting plumbing work and gas stove installation needed to be certified, permits applied for in residential home( laundry room/bathroom installed without permit)
Vicinity of Winchester Place in Albany
I have a leak under my kitchen sink - I think it may be coming from the garbage disposal. Also, the showers in my two upstairs bathrooms are running very slow, there may be a clog.
Vicinity of Honey Ct in Albany
After having a local company come to clear our drains multiple times, we were told that the plumbing done by the previous owner was done incorrectly and we continue to have drainage issues every few months. We'd like to address this problem for good if possible.
Vicinity of Bacon Lane in Albany
Water leaking from the toilet. The water doesn't appear to smell. It isdripping into the basement. It is definitely getting worse. It started with what appeared to be condensation on the pipes and an occasional drip. Now there's a puddle.
Vicinity of Chestnut St in Albany
Need estimate for installation of tankless water heater in place of existing tank heater.
Vicinity of Tampa Ave in Albany
I have a slop sink that my washing machine drains into. Recently it has been draining slower than usual. I was able to clean out the trap, but it still seems to be draining slowly. I would like to have a professional take a look at it and see what can be done to get it draining normally. I also have two showers that are draining a little slow, would like to have those looked at as well.
Vicinity of Delaware Ave in Albany
My some of sewerage pipes are leakage at the basement and it is clague but i want to replace it with new one.
Vicinity of Delaware Ave in Albany
I want to replace 02 water heater combination with my boiler and furnace and also to replace the pipes .
Vicinity of Cortland Place in Albany
I am looking to see what it might cost to relocate the existing plumbing for the vanity in the bathroom of my rental unit. I also am curious to see if I could add plumbing on the other side of the bathroom wall in kitchen to relocate sink and add a dishwasher and do the same in the downstairs apartment.
Vicinity of Robinhood Rd in Albany
Bath tub leakage leading to some water damage under the bathroom floor (basement). Need thorough check and fixing/restoring.
Vicinity of Western Ave in Albany
Remodeling a bathroom. I am expanding the bathroom and looking to move a toilet about 2' from where it is now to satisfy building code. (Existing toilet location too close to vanity). Bathroom is located on 1st floor, all plumbing is accessible from basement.
Vicinity of Charming Lane in Albany
Looking to get a gas tankless hot water heater installed. Looking to get an estimate
Vicinity of Clinton Ave in Albany
I need a my 60 gallon gas water heater replaced
Vicinity of Pettibone Dr in Albany
Replace sump pump
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